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The Aphasia Center of West Texas is committed to transparency with donors and supporters, as well as providing easily accessible resources for those that live and cope with aphasia.

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What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a communication impairment, typically caused by a stroke. Aphasia affects a person’s expression and understanding of language, as well as the ability to read and write. Approximately, one in three stroke survivors are diagnosed with aphasia.

For more information about the current state of aphasia,
click HERE to view the National Aphasia Association’s fact sheet.


This devastating disorder knows no boundaries of age, gender, wealth, race or profession. Although adults with aphasia have their intelligence intact, misjudgment from others routinely leaves people with aphasia excluded and marginalized. Without the ability to participate in everyday conversations, almost every activity and life role is at risk. Depression and isolation are common in the aftermath of aphasia. 

Life Participation Approach to Aphasia

Just like a wheelchair ramp helps people with physical challenges access their home, life, healthcare, businesses and the community in general “communication ramps” are necessary for people trying to navigate daily life with aphasia. 

Watch this short video where Dr. Roberta Elman explains the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA). Others resources can be found HERE on the Aphasia Access website. 

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Local Resources

Independent living skills training in Odessa.

Question/information, home health assistance, caregiver respite program, Medicare Benefits, ombudsman, etc.

Senior citizens gather to enjoy each other’s company while benefiting from a balanced program of social, educational, health and recreational activities.

In-home assistance, care and supervision for loved ones.

Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC), Aphasia Cruises, Aphasia Access, ARC Aphasia Caregivers and Friends, Aphasia Choirs Go Global, Aphasia Awareness Art to Share, Talk Aphasia, Primary Progressive Aphasia Support Group, Living Successfully with Aphasia, etc.

Adapting motor vehicles for people with disabilities

Support group for caregivers, grief recovery groups for those who have suffered loss.

Free legal assistance through Texas Bar Association 

Telephone assistance program for emergencies and assistance 

Out of area transportation and rides to doctor appointments 

Check out books, audiobooks, movies, etc. Reference their calendar for bookmobile locations or request they come to your facility.

Annual medical directory

Federally funded through Community and Senior Services, matched with companion.

EZ Rider routes and door to door pick up

Audio recorded reading material including e-reader

Senior companion program, senior centers, in-home care services, senior activities, etc.

Stroke Smart (National Stroke Association), Stroke Connection

State reading program with audio books

Can arrange Meals on Wheels, minor home modification, information and referral, adult foster care, residential services, etc.

Free/low-cost transportation for those living outside of Midland/Odessa and utility assistance.

Permian Basin Community Directory “Connecting people and services”

Thank you for visiting our site. Please consider getting involved and helping  those with aphasia live their best life. 

Program Fees

Fees are $150/month for unlimited groups per week and $75/month for up to two groups per week. Program fees are billed on a monthly basis and sliding scale scholarships are also available. We are committed to serving those who need our services.

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Individuals may pay a per-ride or monthly fee for transportation to and from the Aphasia Center in Midland on our mobility van. We also partner with Mission Center Adult Day Service to provide transportation to and from Odessa.

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